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RVA Unity logo

Following the death of George Floyd, Richmond, Virginia became an uneasy location due to the confederate monuments in the center of the city.

To try and help unify, I redesigned the city's logo and placed it in front of the most prominent statue, Robert E. Lee.


After installing the sign, the reaction was extremely positive.  Pictures of people with the sign began coming in and there were many calls for t-shirt and stickers.  

The reaction


After the success of the logo, the sign was unfortunately graffitied and broken.  Instead of fixing it completely, I painted back the design over the graffiti and made the broken legs

take a knee.

The fix

RVA sign kneeling side by side.png

Eventually, the local Richmond press wrote about the success of the logo.  I uploaded the design to my online shop and promised to donate half of all the profit to Art 180 and the Richmond Public School art department.

The press


Soon, local businesses, like the Richmond Kickers, asked me to create murals of the design. I painted one of them as an ode to Kehinde Wiley, for his statue Rumors of War only blocks away. 

The murals


Through the sales of my online shop, I was able to donate two thousand dollars to both Art 180 and Richmond City Schools art department.

The result

Richmond Times article copy.png
Champion logo.png

Champion Grill asked me to turn a blank wall in their new sports restaurant into a piece that would attract attention in Charlottesville.  UVA had just won the NCAA Tournament, so I painted their Coach, Tony Bennett, dunking over Mike Krzyzewski.

Tony Bennett mural

Tony over Mike_edited.jpg

WeWork Creator Awards SF 

The WeWork Creator Awards recognize the best creators in cities around the world.  WeWork asked me to make the San Francisco version, 'authentic.'  

The Inspiration

I designed the entire show to pay homage to the famous Castro Crosswalk.

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 3.28.13 PM.png

Every week for ACRONYM's digital newsletter and social media, I make fun animations for political topics at hand.  Below are some of the greatest hits.

FWIW weekly animations

Campaign spending

Counting copy.gif
Mario Kart copy.gif

Top candidates battle

Bumper Cars copy.gif


Impeachment copy.gif

Uncle Joe

GI-Joe copy.gif

Biden surveying the field

Joe-looking copy.gif

The fight for healthcare

Tug of War copy.gif

The conductor of corruption

Conductor copy.gif
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Virginia Energy Reform Coalition is a bipartisan group that aims to provide fair energy access to all Virginians.

VERC logo and branding

The logo

Logo for website.png

The idea: Democrats and Republicans come together for energy.

The press


Pomegranate Gose Label

Can you find the bottle cap? 

Watermelon Gose Label

Truck Redesign

The door seams were designed to look like climbing ropes.

Each figure was designed from a real VYTC climber.

Truck Redesign

The hose was painted green and grows into a healthy leaf, demonstrating the ability of the nutrients.

Old copy.JPG
Truck afterJPG copy.JPG

UVA Football Ad

As a born and bread Virginia Tech hater, this may actually be my proudest ad.

And yes, they actually ran it.