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Art vs. Gun Violence

After the Parkland school shooting, I created artwork hoping to help.

On the day of March for Our Lives, Ad Age selected my design top pick and placed it over Times Square.

Cville Love

The day the violence happened in my hometown of Charlottesville, I was in California.  I sat down at my computer and made this logo for my city.

Days later, Van Yahres Tree Company bought 100 shirts and give them away on the Charlottesville mall.

One week later and a local teenager spent his own money to give away 300.  

To keep up with the demand, I opened an online store and mandated that 50% of all sales go to HEAL Charlottesville and Legal Aid Justice Center.

A month later and my logo had raised thousands of dollars. 

Hate came but we wore it away.

Kap On Our Back

The NFL wouldn't let Colin Kaepernick wear his jersey.  I designed this so we could all wear it for him.

A couple of months later, Eric Reid from the 49er's, the man who originally took a knee with Colin Kaepernick, wore it in a game. 

Then, the main man himself even posted about it.

My soccer team in San Francisco wore the shirts as jerseys.