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The Unity Walk 

2 years after the violence in my hometown of Charlottesville, my goal was to achieve a positive story for the city. 

Before and after 

IMG_6786 copy.JPG
Unity Walk above copy.JPG


Growing up, it became common culture to yell "Kobe" when you shot a paper ball into the trashcan.  

Kobe at night 2.jpg

After he died, I created a mural out of paper balls in Richmond, VA so everyone would remember to say his name.

Eventually I made the mural permanent and Kobe Bryant's wife posted it on her social media profile.

Knock the Vote 


Knock the Vote was a popular campaign I helped create to motivate younger people to vote against Trump in 2018.

The Logo

KTV-Website-Animated-Logo12 copy.gif

The Posters

Rosie Face.png
Uncle Sam Poke.png
Obama With Face copy.png
Michelle Face.png

The Ad

This was the ad that put Knock The Vote on the map.  It was featured in every major news outlet and
chosen national Ad of the Week.  

Knock the Vote was responsible for over 50,000 new voters registrations 

Kaepernick 7

In 2017, Colin Kaepernick was not allowed to play in the NFL, so I created a logo we could all wear for him.

It was soon recreated and worn across the country.

Eric Reid, the teammate who originally knelt with Kaepernick, wore it on his NFL cleats and Kaepernick posted it.


After the Parkland school shooting, my design was displayed in Times Square on the day of March for Our Lives.

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