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Arthur Ashe

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Chosen as one of the premier murals in the state by Virginia Living, it was completed with Mural MOBB, a city led teen artist program that selects and pays students to paint murals with artists.

Ella Fitzgerald


The Ella is a new apartment building close to where Ella Fitzgerald once played.  Every mural used  the building to bring the music to life.

Michael Jordan

In collaboration with Mural MOBB, the lines of the court turn into Michael Jordan's flight path. 

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Visitors enter the park from above, creating the perfect vantage point.

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Growing up, it became common culture to yell "Kobe" when shooting paper balls into the trashcan.  When he died, I made a mural completely out of them.  

Kobe at night 2.jpg

Eventually, I made the mural permanent with water proof paper and Kobe's wife shared it.

Unity Walk

In the middle of the night 2 years after the violence in my hometown, my goal was to change the negative message of the city, with only chalk.

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Unity Walk above copy.JPG

Stick a Fork in Hunger

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SOME is an organization battling hunger in D.C.  For Thanksgiving, they asked me to create an installation with their slogan, "Stick a Fork in Hunger."

Forks stick in cardboard to depict the image of hunger & emerge on the backside to change the story.

Together We Grow


As the only mural on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, this mural shows that under the surface and like trees, people grow stronger together.

RVA Recreated


Following the George Floyd killing, I recreated the RVA logo and placed it in front of the Robert E. Lee statue.

It was soon recreated around the city and I was commissioned to paint it in several locations.