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The Ella

The Ella was a new apartment building close to where Ella Fitzgerald used to play.  Every mural used the architecture of the building to come to life.


Michael Jordan

In collaboration with Mural MOBB, a organization that pays inner city students to work with artists, we turned a prominent basketball court into Michael Jordan's flight path.

Visitors enter the park from above, creating the perfect vantage point.


Growing up, it became common culture to yell "Kobe" when you shot a paper ball into the trashcan.  

Kobe at night 2.jpg

After he died, I created a mural out of paper balls in Richmond, VA so everyone would remember to say his name.

Eventually, I made the mural permanent and Kobe Bryant's wife posted it on her social media profile.

Stick a Fork in Hunger

SOME is an organization battling hunger in Washington D.C. They asked me to create a picture-worthy art installation for Thanksgiving in the center of the city utilizing their slogan, "Stick a fork in hunger."

Forks stick into cardboard, two items thought of as disposable, to change the story of hunger from front to back


Together We Grow

Located on the Downtown Mall in Charlottesville, this mural shows that like trees, people grow stronger together.

Coach K Posterization


In Champion Grille, a sports bar in Charlottesville, Virginia's head basketball coach Tony Bennett fulfills the dream of every college basketball fan: dunking on Coach K from Duke.


After the unrest following the George Floyd killing, I was asked to design a mural based on my recreated RVA logo.

I also painted it for the professional stadium


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