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Message | "W" stands for unity, "Women" unveils a message.

Celebrities such as Halle Berry wore it to raise over $50k for female candidates in t-shirt & hand bag sales alone.

Message | The farm in stained glass

The front sign

Message | One player emerges from 3 wolves

Message | Hidden in the "V" is the remaining oak tree that survived the storm 100 years ago still standing in front of the main house columns "II."




Message | The leaf provides shade and highlights "Re-Leaf"

Message | From the mountains to the streams

Message | Vote Trump out, cold

Message | A recreated # 7 for Kaepernick

Message | 3 C's form the sun

Message | The peace sign recreated

Message | The "M" forms the mariachi man 

Message | Pointing families in the direction of hope

Envision Logo dark copy.png

Message | Hammers form a heart

Day of Caring logo colors.png
JVY Creations logo gold.png
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