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RVA Unity logo

Following the death of George Floyd, Richmond, Virginia became an uneasy location due to the confederate monuments in the center of the city.

To try and help unify, I redesigned the city's logo and placed it in front of the most prominent statue, Robert E. Lee.


The WeWork Creator Awards recognize the best creators around the world.  WeWork asked me to make the San Francisco version, 'authentic.'  

The Inspiration for the entire show was the famous Castro Crosswalk

Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 3.28.13 PM.png
Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 3.28.26 PM.png

Amidst the unrest following George Floyd's death, I redesigned the Richmond logo and placed it in front of the famous Robert E. Lee Statue.

The response


In the run up to the 2020 Election, I created daily memes and animations for ACRONYM  in hopes of making politics more fun.

Campaign Finance

Counting copy.gif
Mario Kart copy.gif

Top candidates battle

Bumper Cars copy.gif


Impeachment copy.gif

Uncle Joe

GI-Joe copy.gif

Biden surveying the field

Joe-looking copy.gif

The fight for healthcare

Tug of War copy.gif

The conductor of corruption

Conductor copy.gif

Debate Prep

Pomegranate Gose Label: Hidden in the fruit is the beer cap

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