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The Unity Walk 

In 2017, this intersection in my hometown of Charlottesville became known as a symbol of hate.  In the middle of the night 2 years later, I drew the crosswalk into a symbol of unity.

The picture soon became the number one photo on Reddit worldwide and a CNN top news story.


Before and after 

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Knock the Vote 

Knock the Vote was a campaign I created with ACRONYM to get younger people excited to vote against Trump in 2018.  It was soon written about a lot: TIME, Huff Post, & AOL

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The Video

This was the ad that really put Knock The Vote on the map.  It was featured in every major news outlet and

chosen national Ad of the Week.  

The Result

Knock the Vote was written about by media outlets like Time, CNN, Huff Post and Now This.  The Video "Don't Vote" was reposted by celebrities like Alicia Keys and Russell Crowe.

Knock the Vote was part of a larger effort that helped register 50,000 new voters.

The Posters

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How could I make Kobe Bryant's name live on after his death? This was a question I thought about for days after he died.


Growing up, it became common culture to yell "Kobe" anytime you tossed paper into the trashcan.  What if I could make a mural out of paper balls so people would always remember to say his name when they shot?

Kobe side.png
People playing behind.jpg
Screen Shot 2020-09-10 at 11.58.55 AM.pn

One week after the installation and all the really nice messages and photos I received, I came back to the court one rainy night to make sure the design was still intact.  As I approached, I could hear the a ball bouncing and two kids playing.  "Kobe" they shouted every time they shot. 


His name lives on.

The result

2 kids.png

Together We Grow

After serving Charlottesville for 100 years, my family's tree company, Van Yahres Tree Company, wanted to give a gift

back to community.


After the violence in the city of 2017, I designed this mural, only a couple blocks away, with the intention of bringing positivity through trees and people.  Trees may come in all shapes and sizes but just like people, they grow stronger together.

The Process

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The W Final copy.png

Women Win the Vote 

La Womens Collective Horizontal.png

The LA Women's Collective needed a 'badass logo' to help amplify their message of getting more women in public office.


The 'W' was meant to show all women coming together.  The 'WIN' in 'Women' uncovered a message that had been hidden for far too long.  Soon, the logo was worn and talked about by celebrities like Halle Berry, Chelsea Handler, Lea Michele and many more.

The Logo

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The Celebrities

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Jordana Brewster.png

Halle Berry 

Jordana Brewster, from The Fast and The Furious

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Fearless Girl tall copy.png

Lea Michele from Glee

Someone even put a shirt of The Fearless Girl

The Result

Armed with only t-shirts and hand bags, we were able to donate the max amount of money to many women candidates in 2018.  97% of those candidates won their election.

Kap 7 logo.png

Kap 7 logo

In 2017, the NFL wouldn't let

Colin Kaepernick play, so I designed

a logo we could all wear for him.

A couple of months later, Eric Reid from the 49er's, the man who originally took a knee with Colin Kaepernick, wore it in a game. 

Then, the main man himself even posted about it.

My soccer team in San Francisco wore the shirts as jerseys.