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The Unity Walk 

2 years after the violence in my hometown, my goal was to put Charlottesville in the news for something positive.

Before and after 

IMG_6786 copy.JPG
Unity Walk above copy.JPG


Growing up, it became common culture to yell "Kobe" when you shot a paper ball into the trashcan.  

Kobe at night 2.jpg

After he died, I created a mural out of paper balls in Richmond, VA so everyone would remember to say his name.

Eventually, I made it permanent and Kobe Bryant's wife posted it on her social media profile.

The Ad

Knock the Vote 

Knock the Vote was a campaign I created with ACRONYM to get younger people excited to vote against Trump in 2018.

The Logo

KTV-Website-Animated-Logo12 copy.gif

The Posters

Rosie Face.png
Uncle Sam Poke.png
Obama With Face copy.png
Michelle Face.png

This was the ad that really put Knock The Vote on the map.  It was featured in every major news outlet and
chosen national Ad of the Week.  

Knock the Vote was responsible for over 50,000 new voters registrations 

Women Win the Vote 

The LA Women's Collective needed a logo to raise money for women candidates.

Grey Final Logos.png

Soon celebrities began to wear it.

Halle Berry tall.png
Jordana Brewster.png

Halle Berry 

Jordana Brewster, from The Fast and The Furious

Screen Shot 2018-10-30 at 4.14.16 PM.png
Fearless Girl tall copy.png

Lea Michele from Glee

Someone even put a shirt of The Fearless Girl

Through only t-shirts sales, LA Women's Collective donated the max amount to women candidates across the nation.  97% of those candidates won their election.

The Logo

JVY Creations logo gold.png
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