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Let's start with a story

How my logo

got to Kaepernick

In 2017, the NFL wouldn't let
Colin Kaepernick play, so I designed a logo we could all wear for him. 

Placing your hand over your heart is customary for the National Anthem.  If Kaepernick did it, he'd place his fist.  

In a matter of days, the internet exploded with stolen interpretations.

All across the country, people began wearing the logo.

Eric Reid, the man who originally knelt with Kaepernick, wore the logo on his cleats for an NFL game.

Moments later, Colin Kaepernick posted it.

After the Parkland school shooting, and on the day of March for Our Lives, my design was chosen to be displayed in Times Square.

JVY Creations logo gold.png
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